Our Services

Below is a list of our services, click on the service that interests you.

1. Market Demand and Financial Feasibility

In depth knowledge of local, regional and global markets is essential in creating the facility mix and concept plan that best meets the demand expectations of source markets. Detailed financial analysis of all revenue generating areas, capital cost analysis through specialist cost consultants – producing a viable end product and a bankable document.

2. Asset Management and Operations

As hotel operators we are ideally situated to provide insightful asset management generating added value throughout the market positioning and operations of hospitality product. Mixed use resort operations requires a variety of skills and experience to ensure maximum operational efficiency, an area we excel in.

3. Concept Planning

Working with architects, master planners, client development teams, we help identify the concept plan that best meets the needs/expectations of source markets, the site, its market position, and the client developer. The trick is to create a well defined concept plan with appropriate facility mix at the right standard, size, volume, meeting market and operator requirements and achieve maximise return on investment

4. Master Planning

Taking the concept plan a stage further, with phasing of component developments, clear traffic flows, achieving the right use of build finishes, good utilisation of site attributes – and compiling a document that will both clarify the objectives to planning authorities, and convince funders to provide financial support.

5. Development Consultancy

Tying the entire project development together under a clearly defined path of go/no go decisions, stage gate analysis ensuring that all tasks are appropriately completed before the next stage can begin. Checking that things are not forgotten and the end product meets the criteria set within the concept and master plan.

6. Strategic Marketing

Whether for single unit hotels or regions/countries looking to attract greater market share of global corporate, tourist or event demand, we can help create the appropriate strategy to achieve marketing objectives; support resource development and implement programmes.

7. Valuations

Market valuations based on DCF analysis for balance sheet purposes, sales or funding documentation. Major banks and companies throughout the world have relied upon ILM valuations, from small family owned hotels to major resorts and unique facilities with global reputations.

8. Brokerage

A bespoke service only provided where there is no public sale being conducted, a personal and private service focussing on those who wish to buy/sell without publicity. Our data base of buying organisations makes this possible and with ILM taking the negotiation role we can avoid price escalation when special circumstances are evident.

9. Operational Reviews

Our operational experience provides the necessary skill sets to help review and re-organise existing operations; taking account of market conditions, owner expectations and appropriate bench marking analysis. Linked with asset management, this approach can ensure the best results are achieved over an extended period of time.

10. Product Repositioning

Breathing life into old assets, market re-positioning can re-ignite the profit opportunity and maximise return on asset value. This may be a restaurant in the hotel, the hotel itself or an entire resort environment which has reached its sell-by date. Understanding the market and the needs and wants of end users is key to product re-positioning, our experience in over sixty countries can make quite a difference when giving assets a new life.

11. Trouble shooting and interim management

Years of operational experience in all kinds of hospitality environments has enabled ILM’s associates to provide management services under a number of guises; interim management, management contracting, fixed fee and incentive fee arrangements, specific achievement of targets/goals. We will tell it the way it is and provide practical support, solutions and implementation without breaking the bank.

12. Specialist Planning Advice

Local Authority planning can be the worst nightmare for any developer, our long experience in working with such authorities around the world can ease the path in achieving the right balance of product, environment and legal opportunity. ILM is market leader in providing planning advice in Portugal and many resorts operating in the country began on the desk of ILM-Portugal.

13. Hotel/resort Operator search and selection

We have good relations with all the global leaders in hotel management operations. Providing the right operator, working under the right management agreement is key to achieving the aims and objectives set out in the development programme; a change of operator, linked to market re-positioning can breathe new life into older assets and the re-negotiation of an expiring management contract can provide opportunities to improve both relationship between operator and owner and the potential returns to both parties. If management contracting is not for you, then consider leasing, franchise and other more hybrid operating solutions!